Open Letter to all Indians



Dear Nation,

As a country, our passions about politics run deep. So deep, that we fail to set them aside when required.
We are shook to our core by what has plagued our nation in Unnao. One of our so-called “law makers”, a member of the legislature, one of the most important pillars of the core of our country was behind this. Another staggering fact is that there were people rallying to support such men. An abhorrent crime as such must be brought to justice before people lose faith in the nation which to be honest is happening right now. In times like this, people are making use of this media space to play party politics, to play blame games, to point fingers, to play the religion card and what not. This is not an oppurtunity! I am ashamed and apalled by how many people are choosing to react. This is not a time to play party politics. The accused might belong to a said party and a said religion and just because it might seem to be the perfect time to play this game, does not mean you should. Want to question humanity? Go ahead. Let us not stoop so low that we “use” this as an oppurtunity for profit, for winning at some age-old game. The fact that people can turn even this into a battle ground for religion is incomprehensible to me.

Let us please grow up and face the facts. If people want to use this media space to speak out, please do. Speak out to demand for justice, speak out to support their families, speak out in anger but it is criminal misuse this space for trivial purposes. We have forgotten there is a whole wide world outside of politics and religion, a world which needs our attention.

Let us stop tagging every person or situation for political gain. Some things are above that. If only we realize that, can we rise above.








You scratch my back

I scratch yours

The universe works in ways of mystery,

Your words and actions,

Take paths unbeknownst to you

It travels for light years

or maybe seconds

And the universe soon

spits it back in your face

Be it good

Be it bad

What you did comes,

to bite you back in the ass


Eyelids shut, images flicker

In the dark, can’t tell real from not.

Deepest desires and darkest fears

Come to life, seems all too clear.


Day breaks, reality takes.

Glad or not, as night falls,

Descend again, they will.

Dreams wait for none

Until you put it on paper with a quill


String Theory

Years ago, in physics class,

When time moved like a snail.

He was gazing out the window of glass,

When the tracks of his mind went off the rail.

The teacher went on about string theory,

But he seemed more detached than ever.

Suddenely, he saw a girl outside, all teary,

Such beauty he had seen, never.
Oh so morose, she seemed

Desperate to be the reason for her next smile,

He day dreamed.

Suddenely their stars aligned,

She looked up

And he saw the entire world in a second,

Determined, he smiled,

Hoping with all his being.

Alas, she turned and went away

And the love struck boy, dejectedn

Stared blindly at the teachers to wile the day away.

Pulled back to reality,

By a voice of chimes,

He felt absolute serenity,

Beauty in a day, two times?

He looked up at the new student they had awaited,

From a far away land

Came my dream,

My dream from out the window,

And just like that he dove,

Again, into her eyes.

Immersed in string theory, the teacher ushered her away,

He thanked his lucky stars,

For the empty seat by his side,

What he had cursed as a lonely void

Was filled with joy he couldn’t hide

“Hey”, she said and and turned her head

When up in the skies,

Cupid’s heart wouldn’t suffice,

For finally he’d gotten his target right

He wished them all the warmth and light

As he hung up his bow for the day

A better match, was never made, said they.


I sat on the park bench,

On a cold winter’s day

Day hadn’t broken just yet,

I waited on those gleams of sunlight

The way those rays engulfed me,

Gave me a sense of warmth,

It reminded me of a simpler time,

A time when time wasn’t a factor

There was no hurry for the daily bread and butter,

All I cared for was right in front of me,

A loving home and a yard outfront

There was no mad race or a hunt

A hunt for a sense of purpose

Which plagues us all

I sat on the park bench,

And when I felt those first rays,

I was reminded of a time

When I had all the time,

To pance around the neighborhood.

All I had on my mind were my rhymes,

All that might and all that could,

Were more than a stone’s throw away.

Maybe one might ponder,

Did I cherish it enough?

In the storm and the thunder,

I long for those calm days under the sun

When I had nothing

Yet I had it all

Now, there is no song in my heart,

Yet with all my might, I sing

Hoping for a whoosh of a wand,

That takes me back there

Where nothing was my everything

The changing face of India



Recently, I had a chance to attend the Hindu Literature festival called Lit for Life and indeed, it certainly did portray literature as the center of life for three wonderful days straight, as promised. It was a sight to behold. Great minds such as Rajmohan Gandhi, Vishal Bharadwaj, Arun Kumar and several others were all seen walking around amidst us. An event that really caught my eye and made me attend the festival was a panel discussion regarding the changing face of India. The panel consisted of Gurmehar Kaur, Rajmohan Gandhi and Arun Kumar in conversation with G. Sampath.

The main issue they spoke about is how we have normalized hate in our country. Our country which is known world-wide for “Athithi Devo Bhava” and how we proudly speak of our culture and traditions and centuries worth of literature, we are becoming the opposite of what we preach. I understand that every person views a situation differently and that might lead to convoluted circumstances. But when a vast majority of us actively support the wrong winds, we need to wake up.

When a 20 year old Gurmehar Kaur put up a video demanding peace, I do not see any need for her to receive death threats or rape threats. I am not writing to endorse her words or actions but merely to question our response to it.  We are a country who got our independence by chanting slogans of non-violence led by Mahatma Gandhi who himself was a harbinger of peace. Such a country is seeing times like this. We need to step back analyse where we went wrong and why our society reacts this way to testing times.

Whether we agree or not, in several matters, we try to actively emulate the Western society. Their society is far more advanced in many terms and is doing far better than us in many fields. But as a nation we must be mature enough to know what to pick up and what to discard in our emulation. Blind idolization is getting us no where, clearly. Online trolling is a culture that the West has been rolling out and we have begun normalising it and giving it space in our society. It is cruel, insensitive and hurts people in ways we cannot comprehend. Most of these online trolls will not have the nerve to say it in person, instead they resort to cowardice behind their computer screens. What we are yet to realize is that we have a choice in all of this and we can choose to discard many such ideas.

Also, India as country, we go blind the minute someone mentions nationalism. It is a good virtue to be nationalistic and noble to love your country but to use it as a shield against issues you don’t want being addressed is disheartening. Have we not even an ounce of respect for our nation to use such pious sentiments to spread hatred in the country?

I’m sure I speak for most of the people reading this when I say, if this is the changing face of India or even a facet of it, it doesn’t look good and its time to take matters into our own hands. And remember, change begins from you.

3 AM Rants




Expectations are the joy kill of our generation. We are used to certain lifestyles and the hurricane named life comes in and turns things upside down. How does one even begin to comprehend life when you’re still the same inside or at least you expect to be but your surroundings have changed completely? It really makes you question if the change you see and feel is resonating within you or it is a reaction to resist that very change.

I have understood that life serves you exactly what you cook, not a morsel more. Well maybe sometimes a little more, if your stars align right. Every decision you make will bring you to a certain point in life. So it is of utmost importance we take these decisions however small, with proper consideration because once the clock starts ticking, all is done and dusted and how you “feel” about anything will hold no value whatsoever.  I have come to believe that while taking a decision, we often miss an important factor; our future self’s reaction. However minute or insignificant the choice may be, we must develop the sense to see far into the future to gauge the situation. This is truly an art, a life skill necessary to lead a happy and fruitful life.

Our expectations should be as minimal as possible. I know from personal experience, that this is not as easy as putting it in a sentence. But never the less, it remains true. A truly happy person, expects least and gives as much as possible. How to do so? Well, I am yet to figure it out. It seems to be so completely against the human nature though it poses to be an ideal feature.

Life gives you lemons, yes. But it is the ones grown in your yard. So, grow laddoos instead. Happy diwali!





I am slowly coming to understand, change is a slow process. It is so gradual that you don’t notice it happening. One fine day, you look back and have a bleak idea of how you got here. But it makes you realize how all the stress you might take about needing change in your life and some aspects of it was unnecessary. If you want to change badly enough, it ends up happening somehow.

Change is no sorcery, its  a simple, gradual process with seldom needs your attention. If it is meant to happen, it will. But I don’t know how much of that I believe. Life is yet to prove that to me.
Destiny and fate are very tricky subjects to deal with. You either do believe in them or don’t. If you end up staggering somewhere in the middle, like how I do sometimes, you set yourself up for disappointment. If you truly believe in destiny, even if life lets you down, your heart will find a way to coax you back into that belief but the other way round might not happen.

Metamorphosis too refers to a beautiful process of change, although it is slow and you might not see much improvement in you attention span, over time, a beautiful creature evolves, bathing in its own light, engulfing a fire within, burning bright for a better tomorrow

Embrace the strange breeze



At times of devastation, we tend flail around for our touchstone. A sense of familiarity and source of support. But after having my share of experience in a devastated Chennai city, recently, I have come to realize your hold over yourself is the strongest hold one can have over a person. Whether we realize it or not, we do in fact, possess control over ourselves. Enough control, to get us through anything life throws at us.

Why do we, at times of peril, always look for familiarity? It is the human nature of immediate aversion of anything strange. In a situation where nothing is going as planned and all you see is the plans you made all along being washed away (quite literally, in my case) , one quite obviously craves familiarity. It gives us a sense of how events went on in the past, with no obstacles and gives you a false sense of security. Familiarity will not solve the problem at hand but it might in small portions make you feel secure. The key is to approach new experiences with a sense of wonder and ignore your first negative reactions towards it.

Though calamities like this might act as learning source for some privileged people like us, it is truly devastating for many. People lose everything when nature has had her full. This is once again, among many, a reminder of how we are treating Earth and what its consequences are going to be.



Halting in a corner,
She was none but a loner,
She sat there for quite a long time,
Singing an old melancholic hymn.

Every summer as I visit the barn,
A little damage, her dress would have worn,
But her eyes held its beauty,
As if it were its sacred duty.

Little do I know of what she sings,
Maybe of soldiers and long lost kings,
Or might be an old song,
Which has been forgotten long.

The melody, oh so captivating!
Had I never ever heard.
Not even the cuckoo bird,
Had ever sung so.

Time flies by and summer hath end,
I would have to go back the bend.
I went by to hear the melody,
Through the voice of the beauty.

Tears I bore in my eyes,
At the thought of not hearing a voice oh so nice.

Waiting for another year,
Without shedding another tear.
Singing the melancholy to myself,
Awaiting the next day of summer
To bless my heart with songs of her.

By Anagha